School Book Donation

 As part of the EFL’s “Together” EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) strategy it has launched a partnership with Little Box of Books to get more inclusive books into primary schools to help diversify bookshelves. EFL is giving each Club in the country a box of books to donate to a local primary school.

This is a fantastic initiative, as giving children access to representative books will help them to expect and celebrate diversity from a young age, and in turn create a more equal society for this future generation and generations to come.

Sadly, many schools are struggling to afford books, let alone ones that reflect the diversity of our population. 1 in 8 primary schools don’t have a library at all and in more deprived areas, that statistic gets worse. In the UK 33.9% of primary school age children are of black, Asian or minority ethnic origins. However, the latest CLPE report, Reflecting Realities, revealed that only 8% of children’s books published in 2020 featured a main character of black, Asian or minority ethnic origins.

The books we have been provided show diversity in race, culture, family set up and relationships, they also include representations of disability and gender roles. These inclusive books feature characters that show the world in all its multicultural and diverse brilliance, because everyone deserves to see themselves in a leading role.

We were happy to deliver this selection of books to Delves Junior School who have recently opened their brand new Hobbit Library!

It was great to see the students excited to have all of these new books to read through with many getting started reading straight away.

Thanks again to the EFL and Little Box of Books for the providing this opportunity.