Our Work

Walsall FC Foundation currently engage with 16 schools on a weekly basis and, through all of our education programmes, engage with over 50 Walsall schools during the academic year

Contact manager for Education Paul Larvin for more details and to book an appointment: paul.larvin@walsallfc.co.uk

email for info

Walsall FC Foundation Partners receieve:

AfPE Qualified Staff (Ofsted requirement)

PPA Cover or PE Lessons run by our qualified staff

CPD training for School Staff

CASH BACK on After School Football Clubs run by our qualified staff

Offer of concessionary tickets to selected Walsall FC fixtures

Joint fundraising projects

Ground tours of the Banks’s Stadium

FIRST OPTION on Walsall FC Player Appearances

Invitation to enter a national School 6-a-side competition


Charges to the school are minimal as the Foundation works to help cover costs through their involvement with the school.

Schools not in the Partnership are invited to work with the Foundation on a termly basis.