Apply for a trial

Due to the very high volume of coaching assessment requests we receive on a daily basis, we cannot guarantee responding to all emails.

Responses will only be sent to successful applicants to invite them to attend one of our centres.

Application Form

Throughout the season we are inviting gifted young footballers to apply for Coaching Assessments for the Talented and Gifted squads.  These Coaching Assessments are for all players playing from Under 7’s to Under 16’s.

There are limited places available in the squads and our coaches are looking for players with previous Academy experience, current District players or players that are excelling in their local Youth League.

If you feel that this could be your chance to accelerate your football potential and development we invite you fill in the form on this page.

Successful applicants will then be offered a Coaching Assessment within the T&G centres.  The Coaching Assessment will take place at one of our centres.  It will last approximately 3 weeks and this period is free of charge.

Following the Coaching Asssessment there will be a 3-way decision made:

1. The player is above the standard of T&G and will be offered a trial at the Walsall FC Academy

2. The player is of the standard for a T&G Centre and will be offered a squad place and Half Termly fees will continue.

3. The player is not of the T&G standard and will be offered alternative Walsall FC sessions to attend and encouraged to continue with their junior football.

Monthly Fee – £47.50