Walsall FC Foundation ‘A’ vs Shrewsbury Town Match Report

WALSALL FC FOUNDATION ‘A’ 5 –1  SHREWSBURY TOWN: Walsall’s day with confidence and processional all around.

Walsall ‘A’ hosted Shrewsbury Town at The Poundland Bescot Stadium in the Community and Education Football Alliance League. The last clash between the two brought the same positive result as their last clash with another three points added to Walsall.

In tough wind and heavy rain conditions, first half saw the Walsall side have a slow start to the mark. Despite all the brilliant chances through to goal from the Walsall, the ball didn’t hit the back of the net.

Harry Dixon and Fin Surrell both with many chances in the first 15 minutes but just slicing it over the bar several times. Surrell’s free kicks both hit the post and the cross bar depriving him of the opening goal to the game.

Shrewsbury Town Goalkeeper showed his excellence in the first 15 minutes by keeping the players shots out of the back of the net with some incredible saves.

20 minutes in and Walsall gain a smashing goal to open the score. It came from a swinging corner that bounced around the box before Theo Hesson hit the back of the net to put them two goals ahead.

After 25 minutes Ethan Jarrett got taken down in the box where, Dixon stepped up and smashes the ball bottom corner from the penalty spot. Despite being two goals ahead, Walsall lost their concentration and Shrewsbury managed to get a goal back.

After multiple painfully close calls for Surrell, he finally brought himself glory with 10 minutes remaining he planted the ball past the keeper. Now three goals ahead, the tensions were raising.

Before the half time whistle blew, a brilliant ball from Hesson gave Jarrett his first goal of the game. Finishing the first half 4-1.

Second half kicks off with a very slow 20 minutes. Although the slow start, Walsall continued to have majority of the possession putting the ball into brilliant areas.

The ball got caught under the Walsall players feet in the second half with Frank Hetor Mensah getting round many of the defenders but couldn’t add to the score line.

With 31 minutes gone, Dixon gets his second for the day after a ball past the centre half. Walsall continued to have the glory for the rest of the game despite no more goals.

Final whistle blows at 5-1 win, Walsall.